“Sympathetic, thoughtful and honest”

Sympathetic, thoughtful and honest – From the first phone call over five years ago when we felt that we were in crisis, the Otus team has been incredibly sympathetic, thoughtful and honest. The team of carers you have introduced to care for both our parents, and more recently just my mother, has been wonderful. The decision to move our mother into a care home was a very tough one, taken out of necessity, and is no reflection on the care she has been receiving, nor the professionalism we have received from Otus as a whole. Thank you for everything over the years. We would happily recommend Otus to anyone considering care options for a loved one, without hesitation.” Mr T, son of an Otus client living in Peterborough, February 2019.

“Seamless and professional”

“Seamless and professional – I would just like to take the opportunity to thank you for the excellent service you are providing with your carers for my father. The administrative organisation seems to work seamlessly and the professionalism and efficiency of the carers is noteworthy. Daddy has always been in a good place in his own home being supported by his friends. However, it is very satisfying to see this having transitioned with few hiccups through to Daddy accepting a live-in carer which was a challenge for him to accept. It is very gratifying to see him content in a routine and enjoying lovely meals too!

It has provided me and my family with enormous comfort being so far away from home to know that Daddy was being well cared for. On behalf of my family thank you once again.” Ms T, daughter of an Otus client living in Lincolnshire, December 2018.

“Absolutely amazing”

Absolutely amazing – The care that mum received from your carers was absolutely amazing and we so appreciated them. We will miss seeing them and thank you for sending these wonderful ladies to care for our mother. With our family’s thanks to you for all your help and support over the last few years.” From the family of an Otus client living in Kent, November 2018.

“Thank you all”

“Thank you all very much for all your hard work introducing your live-in carers to care for Otus clients. We don’t take your kindness and your hard work for granted at all. Thank you Otus for giving me work to do. I really appreciate you all. Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR. I hope the New Year will bring us more opportunities to work together. Thank you.” Message received from an Otus registered live-in carer who has been caring for Otus clients since the beginning of 2017.


Superb – My brother and I appointed Otus to provide live-in care for our elderly parents when we were unhappy with the level of care provided by a (private) nursing home.

The level of care Otus provided was simply superb: caring, professional and cheerful. Our parents were so much happier and comfortable in their own home. One particular benefit of Otus Care that we had not expected, but were very grateful for, was the freely offered advice and organisational skill of the individual carers who were able to maximise the support from the NHS.” Mr H, son of an Otus client in Dorset November 2018.

“Proactivity and compassion”

Proactivity and compassion – Thank you so much for the support that you provided to mother whilst you were with her. We were really impressed with your proactivity and the thoughtful compassion in which you looked after her in often difficult circumstances, particularly towards the end of her time with us. You certainly helped enable her to remain in her own home towards the end of her life, which we knew was what she really wanted. We would be delighted if you were able to attend mother’s Thanksgiving Service.” Message of thanks sent to an Otus carer who provided palliative care. Mr T, Cambridgeshire, October 2018.


Exceptional – On behalf of us all, I would like to express our gratitude to you and Paul, your team and your wonderful carers. Your support, professionalism, compassion and understanding over the last few years has been exceptional and has made a difficult time far more bearable for my parents and for the family.

Having been the person that deals with you all on a more regular basis, I can’t rate you all highly enough and would be more than happy to recommend you to anyone considering live-in care for a loved one.

You have a great team and we are truly grateful for everything you have done for us.” Ms B, daughter of client, West Sussex, June 2018

“Professional & Personal”

“Professional and Personal – As director of my own company that helps older people and their families navigate their way through the care system, my life is made easier when I work with companies who have the same values and offer a professional and personal service. Over the last few years, on behalf of one of my clients, I have worked with the Otus Team. They introduced a rota of live-in carers to care for my clients, so that they could remain in the comfort of their own home. Sadly they have both now moved into a care home, but I know that they benefitted from the extra time they were able to stay cared for in their own home.” Director of a private company helping older people and their families organise their own care in Greater London. August 2018.

Big thank you

Big thank you
“I am sure our care adviser has told you already, but I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the support you have given us over the last four years or so, introducing live-in carers for my parents. Mum has now moved to be with Dad in the care home and has already settled into life there. Thank you for everything you have done for them both.” Mr D, son of an Otus client living in London, August 2018.



“Dad has been quite badly behaved for the few last weeks and your carer has been wonderful and coped with his attitude. We really like the work she has done, her cooking and caring are excellent. His short term memory is deteriorating quite badly, but other times he is completely on the ball. Thank you.” From the daughter of an Otus client living in West Sussex, August 2018.

‘Absolutely amazing’

Absolutely amazing – I would like to say how wonderful your carer is. Having spent nearly a week here with her I can honestly say she is absolutely amazing. Always cheerful and laughing, never gets tired, upset, impatient. Runs the house like clockwork and never forgets anything. She is incredibly patient, caring and kind to my parents and is a joy to be around. We are all very happy with her!” Mrs B, daughter of an Otus client, West Sussex, April 2018

‘Much easier than I imagined’

Much easier than I imagined – Thank you for all your help and assistance in providing live-in care for my Mum. Sadly it was only for a very short period before she passed away. Otus made the process of arranging care much easier than I had imagined it would be – something that was greatly appreciated at a very difficult time. When you are thinking about a carer to look after an elderly parent, your objective is to find someone who is caring, kind, considerate and understanding as well as being proficient in the job. This is the perfect description of the carer you introduced to us. As a family we are very pleased that she could make Mum’s last days as comfortable as possible and would not hesitate to recommend her to future clients. It was also a great help to me that she agreed to stay on and assist with all the arrangements – it was really appreciated. Thank you again to all at Otus.” Mr D, son of an Otus client, West Sussex, April 2018

‘Contributed to her recovery’

“We are grateful for the care which Mum received, which certainly contributed to her recovery. Should the need arise, I am sure we will be in touch again.” WG, London/Hove, April 2018

‘Express our gratitude’

“Express our gratitude – we wanted to send you an email to express our gratitude for all the advice and support the Otus team gave us recently in connection with my husband’s parents. Never having experienced this situation before and being plunged straight into the deep end, it was just so helpful to have someone to speak to who was able to provide reassurance and advice. My husband’s parents are both now at home with an occasional carer but if and when the need arises, we will certainly be back in touch. Thank you.” Mrs B, East Sussex, January 2018

“Safe, secure and relaxed”

Safe, secure and relaxed – I just want to say how fantastic your carer is! Thank you, thank you so much for bringing her into our lives! Mum immediately bonded with her, they laughed, cried and became fast friends. She made mum feel safe, secure, and relaxed. We all adore her. Thank you Otus for helping us with mum´s live-in care needs – both carers she had were lovely. We will happily recommend your company.” Words from the daughter of a client in Buckinghamshire, December 2017

“Far Reaching Wisdom”

Far reaching wisdom – your carer joined our family to care for my father, who has dementia, for a few months during 2017. As neither my brother nor I lived close by, having your wonderful carer was incredibly important. Almost immediately, it was apparent that she had far reaching wisdom, enhanced with care and respect for my father. Her knowledge of dementia was clear to see and she tactfully guided us in how best to support him. If his living circumstances had not changed, I know that she would have been by my father’s side, travelling his dementia journey with him until the very end.” Ms L, Otus client’s daughter, West Sussex, November 2017

“Exceptionally Professional”

“Exceptionally Professional – I cannot praise Otus Live-In Care highly enough. In the midst of a family crisis, precipitated by the death of my mother, Otus was highly responsive, supportive and caring in the extreme, and exceptionally professional. The team identified and provided wonderful carers for my father who has dementia, within a matter of days. Importantly, the team was also incredibly generous with their time and advice, and spent many hours on the telephone in the early weeks, reassuring, advising and supporting us throughout the whole process. I would wholeheartedly recommend them.” Ms L, daughter of an Otus client living in East Sussex, October 2017

“Coped seamlessly”

Coped seamlessly – Your carer has been a fantastic support and wonderful company for my mother. She coped seamlessly and adapted so well when my father was admitted to hospital. We are all very grateful for everything that she did. If my parents ever need live-in care support again, we will contact Otus without hesitation.” Son of an Otus client, Tunbridge Wells, October 2017

“So patient”

So patient – all your ladies are lovely and so patient and kind with my mother-in-law. She looks so neat and tidy these days, as does the house. Please pass on a big thank you to all of them when you get the chance.” Mrs T, West Sussex, daughter-in-law of an Otus client, August 2017

“Reassurance, calm and kindness”

Reassurance, calm and kindness – thank you for introducing your carer. She has not only been a great carer for my grandmother, she has also been a fantastic friend and has provided reassurance, calm and kindness during difficult times.” Grandson of an Otus client living in West Sussex, October 2017

“Adaptability and kind heart”

Adaptability and kind heart – Your carer had only been with us for a few days, caring for my grandmother, yet it felt like we had known her for a lifetime. This is testament to her easy going nature, adaptability and kind heart. Thank you.” Mr E, grandchild of an Otus client, London, October 2017

“Went the extra mile”

Went the extra mile – Your lady arrived to care for my grandmother in the middle of a very difficult time for us all. My grandfather had just been placed into palliative care and was desperately unwell. From day one, she immediately built a quick rapport with all of us and went the extra mile to ensure that my grandmother received only the highest level of care and support, thankyou.” Mr E, grandson of an Otus client, West Sussex, October 2017

“So grateful”

“Many thanks for the carer profiles you have sent to me – they look very nice young caring ladies and I am impressed by what I have read about them. The carer we have at the moment is fantastic, on the ball and I shall look forward to seeing her again and meeting and working alongside the new carers soon. I am so grateful for all of the help and support that I have had from Otus, thanks so much to all of you.” Mrs H, an Otus client representative from West Sussex, September 2017.

“Living not existing”

“Just want to thank you for assisting a customer leave a care home to return home where she is now living and not existing. It is a remarkable improvement in her quality of life and live-in care has allowed this to happen for her. She is so happy now, running her own home, walking, emailing, tending her own garden…fantastic.” From a social worker supporting an Otus client, September 2017

“My mother looks so good”

“My mother looks so good – the carers you have introduced to look after her are all lovely. They keep her house so clean and tidy, and her bedding is always clean and fresh. I have noticed such an improvement in her appearance – even the neighbours have noticed! Thank you.” Mr T, West Sussex, August 2017.

Nothing was too much trouble

“I cannot remember whether I wrote to say how kind and caring your carer was with my Dad. Nothing was too much trouble. She was very careful with his diet and kept him occupied and comfortable. She even moved the bird bath so that it was easier for him to see. We would welcome her return.” Mrs K, West Sussex, June 2017

“Care and dedication faultless”

“We cannot praise your carer enough for the massive support and hard work she gives us.  Dad had just been discharged from hospital –  he was severely malnourished following a painful mouth infection and was dreadfully underweight.  She completely reorganised the fridge with all his favourite food, recommending food we could buy him of high calorie. Then two weeks ago Mum found some uncooked chicken which she started to eat and this resulted in her developing Campylobacters. This can be incredibly severe for a young person but for our Mum who is 92 catastrophic, in fact potentially life threatening.  Mum is now on a course of antibiotics and is making a full recovery.  We do not know how we could have coped without her help.  She has kept their flat and bathroom pristine, being well aware that something so highly contagious could have so easily been passed on to Dad.  Throughout all this, your carer smiles and jokes – both her care and dedication are faultless. She is kind, funny, caring and professional and seems to have no end of energy.  Mum and Dad adore her, in fact we all do. She is now one of our family.  We want to send our gratitude in introducing her and we always look forward to her visits.”  Words from the family of Otus clients living in Worthing, May 2017.

“Much appreciated”

“I would like to thank your team for all the support you have given Auntie over the past five years.  It has been much appreciated by my Auntie and the rest of her family.  Should she decide a care home is not for her, we look forward to working with you again.”  Mrs S, niece of an Otus client based in Montrose, Scotland, April 2017

“Built up a rapport very quickly”

“Even though your carer was only with my aunt for a few months I could see they built up a rapport very quickly.

She seemed to immediately understand my aunt’s needs and moods and was very respectful of her individual nature.  Her easy going way was very welcomed by my aunt as some carers had tried to be, in my aunt’s mind, rather bossy.

My aunt could be quite challenging in her behaviour at times but your carer appeared to deal with these instances in a calm, quiet manner which, when my aunt was in a better frame of mind, I am sure she appreciated.

She kept in close touch with the family during her periods of caring for my aunt at times of illness or other concerns, which was much appreciated. She was very flexible in her approach to my aunt, responding to her needs in a timely manner with care and concern.

As a family we felt fortunate in having her caring for my aunt, knowing we could trust her and that my aunt was in a pair of caring , safe and sensible hands.  l would have no hesitation in recommending her to other families.”  Mrs S, Scotland, April 2017

“Extremely approachable”

“Otus Live-in Care was extremely approachable and helpful when dealing with my Mother, whether it was organising someone at short notice to provide care for her so she could leave hospital in time for Christmas 2015, scheduling the ongoing carer for the following 14 months or offering valuable impartial advice. The Otus team always seemed to go the extra mile. Thank you.” Febraury 2017.

“So grateful to be home”

“Sometimes social work can be rewarding and today was one of those rare moments. My client is doing so well with the help of your carers – she looks ‘alive’ and is smiling and joking. She is “so grateful to be home” and “so happy to be here I can’t believe it”. We walked in the garden and she showed me the bulbs she had planted years ago coming up. She is helping with some prepping of food, is walking every day, and even learning how to send emails. The second carer is now in place and I really feel we are already building a good team of regularly carers. With the introduction of a third carer, we will have a good team”, Mr J, an independent social worker, previously a Senior NHS/Local Authority Social Worker. January 2017

“Such attentive care”

“I just wanted to thank you Otus for my mother’s carer over the Christmas period.  She has such a cheery heart and gave such attentive care to my mother at a time when she was also away from her own family for Christmas. My mother would be very happy to have her again.”  Mrs H, daughter of an Otus client living in West Sussex, January 2017

“Fantastic support”

“Just to say your carer has been fantastic, a great support to us at a difficult time.  Mum has loved having her and would have her back in an instant!  I would not hesitate to get in touch with you if we need more support for mum in the future.” Mrs C, daughter of an Otus client in Berkshire, December 2016.


“Reassured and pleased”

“I just wanted to drop you a line relating to the care and support that your organisation has provided for my client.  As we know, there were a number of trying situations over the time that you were engaged.  I have to say that I have been reassured and pleasantly pleased with the overall service from you and your team and the individual carers.  I just wanted to express our thanks in managing everything for us.  I would have no hesitation in recommending you or using your services again in the future.”  Mr P, an Independent Financial Adviser holding a Power of Attorney for an Otus client, December 2016.

“Always there to support us”

“Thanks to all the Otus staff – you are always there to support us while we are with clients which is most appreciated”, as quoted by an Otus Live-in Care registered carer, December 2016.

“They listen to our needs”

“Superb service from Otus. They listen to our needs, and ensure that every carer is carefully selected to ensure that my mother-in-law, who has dementia, is very comfortable and happy with them.  Otus have been managing the live-in care for several years and has always been professional and caring.  Using Otus has taken off all the pressure and stress of trying to look after someone who wishes to remain in their own home.  I can highly recommend Otus and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Paul and Steph for everything they have done for my mother-in-law.  We really appreciate all your help.”   Mrs Julius, daughter-in-law of Otus client, Cambridgeshire, November 2016.

“Above all other care companies”

“On behalf of all my family, I would like to thank you for the amazing job you have done, and continue to do, in finding and managing a team of fantastic carers for my parents.

Since my first email contact with you several months ago, we have felt very supported by you and you have worked extremely hard to recruit the best team for us and also be available to us at all times for any queries, worries or doubts we have had.

What has really set you above all the other care companies we have dealt with, is the extremely personal and tailor made service you have given us; all the many phone calls, the home visit to meet all my family and discuss all the issues in depth, and all the follow up calls and constant keeping in touch which has made us feel very supported and made the transition to your company so smooth.

All of the ladies who care for my parents are fabulously professional, charming and hardworking and my parents (both 93!) are thriving. The rest of the family can now relax in the knowledge that we don’t have to keep worrying about the level of care my parents are receiving. It is also so nice that Otus is a family run, small business which means no impersonal call centres, no being put on hold for ages and no confusion or miscommunication about rotas, billing etc, which is a great relief! Also, although the quality of care is more important than any financial concerns, it is a welcome bonus that your tariffs are so reasonable and well below those of many other larger care companies.

We are extremely grateful to you for your professionalism and commitment and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Otus Live-In Care to anyone requiring live-in care for themselves or a loved one.

Thank you all!  Kind regards, Kate Babb”, daughter of Otus Live-in Care clients living in West Sussex, November 2016

“Such a wonderful job”

“I am glad that the family is happy with me and that they would like me to come again.  Thank you for sending me to such a wonderful job. I am very grateful.”  Ms S, working for an Otus client in Surrey, November 2016.

“Fantastic help”

“The carer who looked after my mother-in-law can be highly recommended.  She was a fantastic help for us all.  Please pass on our thanks to the whole Otus team.”  Mr M, Guildford, November 2016.

“Strongly recommended”

“I have to say that the lady who came to look after my mother was delightful.  My mother particularly appreciated her being able to magic up delicious meals plus, she made a particular effort to sit with her and keep her company.  She has a real friendliness about her and is very good at putting people at ease.  Strongly recommended.”  Mr E, Kent, November 2016.

“A truly exceptional service”

Otus carers have looked after my mother for over a year, on a three weekly rotational basis. The level of care from all of them has been exceptional. Inevitably there are personalities who ‘fit better’ with her, and gradually Otus has developed a rota of three ladies who make the best companions for Mum.

Each of them bring special skills to the situation, providing superb personal and emotional care for a lady with Dementia and mobility problems. Because we all live some distance away, the carer is trusted to manage every aspect of keeping Mum comfortable and content in her own home. They are all very caring and compassionate, managing Mum’s mood swings and cognitive deterioration with a gentleness and humour which makes her feel less vulnerable and frightened about her situation. The icing on the cake is that they are all excellent cooks, and friends who visit Mum tell me of delicious smells coming from the kitchen. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have been told about Otus at a time when my Dad was needing palliative care at home. The endless patience and kindness of the lady who moved in to care for them both made my Dad’s final days peaceful, with him feeling loved as his hand was held as he slept, and knowing that his wife would be in safe hands afterwards. A truly exceptional service.  Mrs M, Leceistershire, October 2016.

“Couldn’t want for any better”

“We really are very pleased with the carer you have sent to look after our mother.  We couldn’t want for any better, especially as the family is constantly around.  Thank you.”  Mrs S, Kent, September 2016.

“Usual High Standard”

“The new carer you have introduced to Mum’s rota is up to your usual high standard.  The two carers had a very thorough handover and the new carer and Mum seem to be getting on very well.”  Mr P, Surrey, September 2016

“Worth her weight in gold”

“The carer you have introduced to me is worth her weight in gold.  She has been remarkable.  Thank you so much.”  Mrs B, Peterborough, September 2016

“Outstanding and Amazing”

“Your carer looking after my mother has been outstanding and amazing.  We cannot speak highly enough of her.  She has been diligent and efficient.  Thank you.”  Mrs M, Leicestershire, September 2016

“Surpassed our expectations”

“The lady you have introduced to us has surpassed our expectations.  She has done a brilliant job to date looking after my mother.  She is sensitive and has really helped all the family members adjusting to live-in care.  Thank you so much.”  Mrs M, Brighton, September 2016

“Brilliant” team

“I have used Otus in my capacity as an attorney. Paul and Steph were brilliant in organising a move from a nursing home to fulfil the dearest wish of the lady concerned; being able to return to her home.  I would definitely advocate live in care for many reasons, including the fact that the cost in a residential or nursing home tends to be higher, for service that’s not nearly so personal.

We had a number of carers on rotation, all of which were technically very capable, friendly and engaging. The upshot was that this lady went through to end of life in the manner she wanted. Being comfortable and having control and dignity is what she and everyone deserves, Otus Live-in Care achieved that and I am very grateful.

I can’t recommend Otus Live-in Care enough.”  Richards Bates, Rix & Kay Solicitors, August 2016

“Second to None”

“The level of care provided by the carers looking after my Mum is second to none. They are both sensitive, warm and caring, and they have both built a good relationship with Mum.  Thank you for your continued support and understanding.”  Mrs M, Leicestershire, July 2016

“Absolutely Fantastic”

“A massive thank you to all at Otus – the carers who looked after Dad were absolutely fantastic.  It made a huge difference and gave Dad confidence at a very difficult time.  I will recommend Otus services without hesitation.”  Mrs S, Healthcare Professional, West Sussex, June 2016

“Lovely Attitude”

“My mother has been delighted with the care and attention she received from Rose and we would thoroughly recommend her – not least for her cooking abilities.  She has been a very hard worker and has a lovely attitude about her.  Thank you for your continued help.”  Mr E, Kent, June 2016

“Carers were all fantastic”

“Your carers were all fantastic. They were all amazing with my dad and tended to anything he needed. Whenever he was uncomfortable, they were able to help. They were unobtrusive and knew when we needed time as a family and each one of them was also supportive to both my mum and I. We cannot fault any of the carers who attended to dad and couldn’t have coped without their help.” Mr G, Lancashire, April 2016

“Supportive and pro-active”

“We wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the time that we had with dad were it not for your help and support. You were extremely supportive and pro-active and it made what was a very tough time, slightly less stressful.” Mr G, Lancashire, April 2016

“Compassion and Kindness”

“Thank you from the bottom our my heart for sending us an angel to help us get through. I have had trials and tribulations in life but caring for my mum for these three weeks is the most painful of all and I am so, so grateful to those two ladies for their compassion and kindness.” Jennie Musgrove, Chief Executive, Carers Support West Sussex, March 2016

“Another excellent recruit”

The carer you have sent to look after Mum is great. She gets on very well with her. A plus! Another excellent recruit.” Mr P, Surrey, March 2016

“Dad has made great progress”

“Your carer managed to encourage my father out of the house on sunny days, he had not done this in a couple of years. She helped him develop his mobility,
getting him to walk a bit more with a frame, great progress.”
– Mr L, Wiltshire, February 2016

“So resilient”

“Your carer has been wonderful.  She was so resilient around the very difficult situation.” Anon, East Sussex, February 2016

“Mother’s carers are terrific”

“The carers working with my mother have been terrific. Mum loves all of them. They are all very different but work very well with her. Thank you.” Mr P, Surrey, February 2016

“Devoted and caring”

“I’m so grateful for all your help and your wonderful ladies. Your carer was there when mother passed away – nobody could have been more devoted or caring. If we had let her, she would never have left my mother’s side for a moment.” Mrs L, Surrey, January 2016

“Fantastic carers”

“Thanks for giving us such fantastic carers – they have been brilliant. You can be rest assured that I will recommend your services to others, without a doubt.” Mrs F, Gloucestershire

“Exceptionally good carer”

“Your live-in carer is hard-working and exceptionally good – we do appreciate how hard she has worked. Her understanding of the problems facing a neurologically challenged person has exceeded every other carer I have met.” Mrs M, Surrey

“Very quick to understand my needs”

“I can recommend your carer very highly. She is excellent – very gentle and quiet, yet very quick to understand my needs. She helped me around the house safely, competently and reassuringly. I would be very happy for her to return.” Mrs J, Guildford

“Delighted to write a strong reference”

“I am a General Medical Practitioner holding full UK GMC registration. Thank you for the care you gave to my mother during her final months. You looked after her physical, mental and spiritual needs as well as managing the wider family.” Dr H, Suffolk

“Carer is perfect”

“The carer you have introduced to us for our mother is perfect. She is very efficient, even made a cake for mother’s birthday. She is a very nice girl, we would all be delighted to have her return.” Mrs L, London

“A Godsend”

“Thank you for the carer who is looking after my mother. She is a true Godsend!” Anon, Sussex

“Discrete, conscientious, empathetic”

“The carer looking after my mother is very discrete, conscientious, empathetic and extremely flexible, and her experience shines through. She instils great confidence and is very easy to have in the home 24 hours a day.” Mrs M, Norfolk

“Very happy and comforted”

“Dad is very happy with the carer you have introduced to him and really wants her to return. I am amazed how well he has settled in to having a live-carer. She is very caring, Dad has been very comforted. Thank you.” Mrs B, Bedfordshire

“Such a difference”

“Your carer is doing a fantastic job – she always puts my father-in-law’s needs first. She has made such a difference to all our lives. Thank you.” Mrs W, Sussex

“Risen to the tough challenge”

“The carer has had a lot to deal with at night but has risen to the very tough challenge. She is such a lovely person. Thank you.” Mrs B, Peterborough

“Can’t thank you enough”

“Our carer has been amazing and yesterday I had to insist that she went out for fresh air and a change of scenery while I sat with Dad.
I can’t thank you enough for everything you are doing.” Mrs M, Leicestershire

“Hugely reassuring”

“We wanted to let you know how brilliant our carers have been. We are very aware this has been far from easy for them, but particularly these past few days with Dad going into hospital. Their professionalism and care has been hugely reassuring for us both.” Anon, Cambridge


“The Otus carer you have introduced to look after Mum is tremendous.  She has been great for Mum who really likes her.” Mrs C, West Sussex

“Carers are all fantastic”

“You have been great.  The carers I have looking after me are all fantastic.  It has made such a difference to me since my husband died.” Mrs P, Surrey

“Very well looked after”

“I employed an Otus Live-in carer to cover my normal carers holiday.  She clearly valued her role and I felt very well looked after.” Mr J, West Sussex

“Diabetes well managed”

“The live-in carer you supplied developed a very caring relationship with my father using plenty of gentle humour.  She really kept a very good regime for him, allowing his diet controlled diabetes to be well managed.  I would highly recommend her.” Ms G, Surrey

“As if they were her own”

“I can highly recommend the carer that looked after my father.  She was a complete all-rounder, totally dependable and took full responsibility.  She looked after my parents as if they were her own grandparents.” Anon, Wales

“The carer managed to encourage my father out of the house on sunny days. He had not done this in a couple of years – he now almost admits to enjoying it. She helped him develop his mobility, getting him to walk a bit more with a frame, again great progress.”

“The carer you introduced us to for my brother was wonderful.  We had community nurses and aides in every day and they all made a point of letting me know how wonderful she was.  Thank you.”

“Thank you for providing us with such a wonderful carer who was so calm and caring.  She took everything in her stride.  We are so pleased she will be returning – our holiday will be so much more relaxing knowing my brother is in such good hands.”

“Our carer really is a superb and conscientious carer – I worry that she in fact works too hard.  Being the person she is, she doesn’t just sit around, she always seems to be working.”

“All the carers you have introduced have been brilliant.”

“I can’t speak highly enough of the carers you introduce.  They are all great.  Thank you.”

“Thank you very much for your kind words and for all the help you have given over the last two years.  You can be certain I will recommend you all highly whenever I meet anyone who is looking for live-in care.”

“The live-in care is excellent – I couldn’t have imagined it could be so good – I now have quality time with my husband.  Thank you.”

“Thank you very much for all your kind words and help over the last two years. You can be certain that I will highly recommend you to anyone looking for live-in care.”


“I just wanted to give you some feedback and I am doing this in front of our carer. She is an angel. She has fitted in so quickly to our household and we want her to stay for longer. Thank you for introducing her to us.”


“Thank you so much for all your help at a very worrying time – Dad’s carer was absolutely great.”


“We would not hesitate to recommend Otus Care to anyone needing live-in care. It meant that Dad could stay in his own home surrounded by everything he held dear with constant attention to his every need.”


“We would like to thank you and all the carers who looked after Dad for your help over the past few months. Please pass on our thanks to all the carers for the caring and sympathetic way in which they looked after Dad.”


“I am writing to let you know my thoughts. I would like to thank you for the carers you are providing who have all been excellent and suitable. I am very keen for the carer to be there when the end comes, I feel that she understands the situation best.”


“Thank you for your email. We are all very sad about it all but we were greatly reassured by the fact our father had excellent care from your team in his final weeks.”


“Both the carers that you have recommended to look after my husband have been wonderful. I could not have coped without them. They are always one step ahead and have fitted in perfectly. Nothing is too much trouble.”


“I have very positive feedback for Dad’s carer – she gets on very well with him, is really bubbly and positive whilst being realistic and sympathetic. Unsolicited, a visiting health worker said she had never encountered such an excellent carer.”


“Thank you so much for everything you have done for my Mother. You have been amazing – so patient, kind and understanding – always keeping your sense of humour and fun. We do so appreciate your attitude – you are a treasure!”