Why Otus


Our aim is to give families peace of mind and confidence that their loved ones are being cared for by fully qualified, experienced and carefully matched self-employed carers. Our service is specifically designed to assist those who wish to remain living in the comfort of their own home.  We aim to alleviate the stress and concerns normally associated when considering live-in care or companionship.

The carers we introduce are experienced and come from a variety of different working backgrounds. They could be retired nurses or midwifes, have a background in mental health work or social work.   Most of the carers registered with us have specialist training and experience in dealing with Parkinson’s, Dementia or Alzheimer’s. All have good life experience and skills that equip them to be excellent live-in carers, whether the client is young or old.   With over 300 carers registered with us, once we are fully briefed on a client’s needs, we can usually engage a carer fairly swiftly.

Carers registered with Otus have to demonstrate several years of live-in care experience before we will consider registering them. Our selection process is robust. In addition to validating references, insurance and training certification, we place significant emphasis on exploring what life experiences and interests carers have. This information is invaluable when we are considering introducing carers to clients. In order for live-in care to be effective, wherever possible, carers should share some common interests with the client.

As an agency, we are passionate about the quality of service we introduce to our clients. We believe that trust and communication are vital. We very carefully check the backgrounds and suitability of all carers, ensuring quality care is provided on an ongoing basis through sound communication. We encourage feedback from both our clients and carers at all times.  Based in West Sussex, we introduce carers to clients across the UK.

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