How It Works

how-it-worksOur priority is to provide a bespoke introduction service putting forward only the most compatible carer. Every client’s needs are individual which is why we invest time and effort at the beginning of each engagement. Following a no obligation discussion with a client or client representative, we establish a clear understanding of the care requirements. We then begin the process of selecting and introducing personal carers whose experience and personality will best complement a client’s individual needs.

“The service Otus offers is invaluable – it isn’t just about supplying a carer – they really do care.  They are a great back up and support to both family and client.”

From experience our clients normally chose to have two or three carers who join a rota on a two or three week basis. This is completely flexible around the clients’ needs.  We believe that this is important for a number of reasons. The pure nature of 24 hour care can be a very tiring role and by having a rota, the carers remain fresh and able to keep the quality of care very high. Having a rota of live-in carers also helps to avoid over reliance and familiarity between the client and carer which can result in a blurring of the boundaries. Additionally, with a fresh pair of eyes, a returning carer is more likely to notice a change in a client’s health or circumstances. Clients can also benefit from a variety of personalities working with them, making the engagement more interesting and stimulating.

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