“Care and dedication faultless”

“We cannot praise your carer enough for the massive support and hard work she gives us.  Dad had just been discharged from hospital –  he was severely malnourished following a painful mouth infection and was dreadfully underweight.  She completely reorganised the fridge with all his favourite food, recommending food we could buy him of high calorie. Then two weeks ago Mum found some uncooked chicken which she started to eat and this resulted in her developing Campylobacters. This can be incredibly severe for a young person but for our Mum who is 92 catastrophic, in fact potentially life threatening.  Mum is now on a course of antibiotics and is making a full recovery.  We do not know how we could have coped without her help.  She has kept their flat and bathroom pristine, being well aware that something so highly contagious could have so easily been passed on to Dad.  Throughout all this, your carer smiles and jokes – both her care and dedication are faultless. She is kind, funny, caring and professional and seems to have no end of energy.  Mum and Dad adore her, in fact we all do. She is now one of our family.  We want to send our gratitude in introducing her and we always look forward to her visits.”  Words from the family of Otus clients living in Worthing, May 2017.

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