“Built up a rapport very quickly”

“Even though your carer was only with my aunt for a few months I could see they built up a rapport very quickly.

She seemed to immediately understand my aunt’s needs and moods and was very respectful of her individual nature.  Her easy going way was very welcomed by my aunt as some carers had tried to be, in my aunt’s mind, rather bossy.

My aunt could be quite challenging in her behaviour at times but your carer appeared to deal with these instances in a calm, quiet manner which, when my aunt was in a better frame of mind, I am sure she appreciated.

She kept in close touch with the family during her periods of caring for my aunt at times of illness or other concerns, which was much appreciated. She was very flexible in her approach to my aunt, responding to her needs in a timely manner with care and concern.

As a family we felt fortunate in having her caring for my aunt, knowing we could trust her and that my aunt was in a pair of caring , safe and sensible hands.  l would have no hesitation in recommending her to other families.”  Mrs S, Scotland, April 2017

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