“Brilliant” team

“I have used Otus in my capacity as an attorney. Paul and Steph were brilliant in organising a move from a nursing home to fulfil the dearest wish of the lady concerned; being able to return to her home.  I would definitely advocate live in care for many reasons, including the fact that the cost in a residential or nursing home tends to be higher, for service that’s not nearly so personal.

We had a number of carers on rotation, all of which were technically very capable, friendly and engaging. The upshot was that this lady went through to end of life in the manner she wanted. Being comfortable and having control and dignity is what she and everyone deserves, Otus Live-in Care achieved that and I am very grateful.

I can’t recommend Otus Live-in Care enough.”  Richards Bates, Rix & Kay Solicitors, August 2016

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