Why register with Otus

WHY REGISTER WITH OTUSOtus Live-in Care is committed to encouraging an environment for our clients where the dignity of each individual is respected at all times. Our priority is to provide a bespoke introduction service.

Every client’s needs are individual which is why we invest time and effort at the beginning of each engagement to establish the exact level of care required, including the clients preferences and requirements.This enables us to select and introduce a personal carer whose experience and personality will best complement a client’s individual needs – delivering personal centered care. But without experienced and compassionate carers registered with us to look after our clients, we do not exist. That’s why it is just as important that you are introduced to clients who you will be happy working with.We will regularly talk to you once on an engagement and can offer help and advice at any time. There is always the possibility of being able to return to a particular client if you have a favourite. Once you are registered with Otus Live-in Care we are happy to give you advice and guidance on further training and suggestions as to how you can help improve your qualifications.


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