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For anyone who might be considering live-in care in West Sussex or anywhere in the UK, the following testimonial may help.  Otus Live-in Care’s core aim is to alleviate the stress and concerns normally associated when considering live-in care or companionship.  We pride ourselves on offering a bespoke introductory service to those who wish to be cared for in the comfort of their own homes, and work hard to deliver a personal service.   The following testimonial, received from the daughter of one of our clients, demonstrates that our hard work is worth it.

“On behalf of all my family, I would like to thank you for the amazing job you have done, and continue to do, in finding and managing a team of fantastic carers for my parents.

Since my first email contact with you several months ago, we have felt very supported by you and you have worked extremely hard to recruit the best team for us and also be available to us at all times for any queries, worries or doubts we have had.

What has really set you above all the other care companies we have dealt with, is the extremely personal and tailor made service you have given us; all the many phone calls, the home visit to meet all my family and discuss all the issues in depth, and all the follow up calls and constant keeping in touch which has made us feel very supported and made the transition to your company so smooth.

All of the ladies who care for my parents are fabulously professional, charming and hardworking and my parents (both 93!) are thriving. The rest of the family can now relax in the knowledge that we don’t have to keep worrying about the level of care my parents are receiving. It is also so nice that Otus is a family run, small business which means no impersonal call centres, no being put on hold for ages and no confusion or miscommunication about rotas, billing etc, which is a great relief! Also, although the quality of care is more important than any financial concerns, it is a welcome bonus that your tariffs are so reasonable and well below those of many other larger care companies.

We are extremely grateful to you for your professionalism and commitment and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Otus Live-In Care to anyone requiring live-in care for themselves or a loved one.

Thank you all!  Kind regards, Kate Babb”, daughter of Otus Live-in Care clients living in West Sussex

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