The stress and worry of looking after a person at home with dementia or a physical disability should not be underestimated. Whilst the focus of concern is often on the one needing care, the wellbeing of the carer should never be overlooked. It is vital that a carer is able to take time out and have regular breaks to avoid emotional or physical overload – the quality of care given can suffer if the carer is exhausted. For those seeking a break or looking to relieve a family member, respite care can be sought in a number of ways.

Local agency drop in care – usually available on an hourly basis either through Social Services or through a paid for private service. Daily drop-in carers take over care responsibilities, relieving the full-time carer.

Drop in companionship – from local companionship and befriending services. This could be via a local organisation or charity. A quick internet search will suggest details of potential services available in your local area.

Day care centres/local groups for the elderly – local day care centres and groups can offer important stimulation and companionship for the person being cared for, as well as giving the carer some important time off. In some areas, day care centres and groups have volunteers who can arrange transport.

Short term respite away from home – could be provided in a number of environments, such as a residential care home. However, this would be dependent on availability and is not necessarily suitable for everyone – the change of environment and routine could prove stressful for someone suffering from dementia.

Live-in care – this is often a great solution for carers who need a break. It allows the person needing care to remain in their own home and continue with familiar routines, whilst at the same time giving the carer a proper break or even the chance to take a well-earned holiday.

At Otus Live-in Care, we understand how daunting the task of finding the right care package can be, whether it be for respite or longer term care. From our database of over 300 robustly checked carers, we are able to introduce experienced self-employed carers who have the precise skills and training to care for your loved one. We verify all qualifications and training, run enhanced DBS checks and seek a minimum of three references for every carer. We also place significant emphasis on finding out about their life experiences and interests too. This way you can be secure in the knowledge that your loved one is not just being cared for by an experienced live-in carer, but they will have similar interests and hobbies. We believe that this bespoke matching process really helps make the respite period easier for all, especially when your loved one is being asked to share their home with someone new.

Otus Live-in Care is a privately owned company. Based in West Sussex, we introduce experienced live-in carers to clients across the whole of the UK. We offer a bespoke service, and are dedicated to helping provide support for those who want to remain living in their own home independently. For more information, visit www.otusliveincare.com, call us on 01403 710119 or email info@otusliveincare.co.uk. We are always happy to offer help and advice, without obligation.

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