Cost Breakdown

With our population predicted to rise dramatically over the next 25-30 years, it is increasingly important that all potential options for later life care are considered. Figures show that there are currently 10.3 million people aged 65 or over in the UK ( Richard Bowden, Managing Director of BUPA commented: “This figure is expected to rise by 65% in the next 25 years to over 16.4 million in 2033. The number of people over 85 in the UK is predicted to double in the next 20 years and nearly treble in the next 30.” But it’s not just the elderly that can benefit from live-in care. The Government Office for Disability Issues has updated the Department for Work and Pensions estimates recently which illustrate that in 2011/12 there were 11.6 million disabled people in Great Britain, of whom 5.7 million were adults of working age,

5.1 million were over state pension age and 0.8 million were children.

All carers registered with Otus Live-in Care are self employed and once selected and engaged, paid directly by the client. Affordable quality live-in care is an achievable and cost effective alternative to a residential care home and is likely to become an increasingly popular option for families to consider. See FAQ’s Live-in Care vs. Residential Care. Average costs are as follows:

Live-in Care – £773.50 per week (from/incl. admin charge *)

Respite Live-in Care – £130 per day (from/incl. admin charge*)

Otus Live-in Care registration fee – £120 (one off payment)

*Otus Live-in Care admin charge – £143.50 per week  (£20.50 per day, per carer, incl. VAT)

Clients are responsible for the carers travel costs to and from the engagement. All general living costs should be agreed between the client and carer before the engagement commences.

A one off registration fee of £120 is payable by the client to Otus Live-in Care. This is only payable once we have fully understood the client’s requirements.

We take the stress out of finding compatible, fully trained live-in carers for our clients through a robust and very detailed interview process. We also handle day-to-day issues that might arise and are always on the end of the telephone for advice and guidance. Our daily administration fee is £20.50 (incl. VAT) per carer (£143.50 per week).

All costs can be variable based on the level of care required and the number of people in the home to be cared for. It can be a very daunting prospect to consider but the Otus team is there to help, even if you just need someone to talk things through with. Everyone on the team has either professional or life skills relevant to the business, is a good listener and would be more than happy to have a chat, without obligation. We have good in-house experience of the care sector on varied levels, including the NHS and local government funding policies. We are happy to share the benefit of our knowledge so please call us 01403 710 119.

Alternatively you can request a call back at a time that is convenient to you.

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